People Who Have Inspired Me, New Projects and More!

I lot of new and exciting things are developing that I wish to share with all of you. 

I just returned form New York where I was recording my upcoming album Sorrows & Triumphs. The album features Afinidad, a quartet I co-lead with David Binney; the classical ensemble Imani Winds and many specials guests including Gretchen Parlato, Adam Rogers and Rogerio Boccato. The last couple of days in the studio have been some of the most intense and rewarding of my life. It is truly a blessing to be able to bring the Afinidad family back together after all this time and such an amazing experience to make music with all of them. Learn more and follow the project here:

As I prepared for the recording there are a number of recordings I’ve been listening to in order to get me geared up and I wanted to share with you the people who have inspired me.


David Binney, The Time Verses 

Dave’s music has been a source of inspirations to me over the years. He is one of the most complete artists I know, a great improviser with a unique voice as a player, composer and producer. I admire his ability to stay current with what is happening musically in our time and to incorporate those elements into his music without loosing himself in the process. I love his sense of aesthetics. I think The Time Verses is one of his best recording thus far, though I also love Greylen Epicenter. You can hear his influence in some of my tunes such as “What If?” and “Lover’s Park” which you will hear on the upcoming Steel House release later this fall. 

Gretchen Parlato: Live in NYC  

I often like to hear the albums of guests who will be appearing on my record in order to get more intimately connected with their sound. I've been listening to Gretchen for a long time now. I love her sound and sense of time. I admire her ability to make so much out of a wisper. Her band sounds so good on this record. 

Fabian Almazan & Rhizome, Alcanza  

Just beautiful writing and playing.  

Camila Meza, Traces 

Camila has a unique sound. I think this album is really beautiful. 


Suphala, Blueprint 

I recently discovered Suphala, a fantastic tabla player, singer and producer of great imagination and unbound beauty. I’ve been really diggin’ listening to her music. It is expanding my pallate to new sounds and genres.

Román Diaz, L’ó dá fún Bàtá 

Ceremonial Afro-Cuban drumming beautfully played and recorded.