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Edward Simon and David Binney

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Each a leader, pianist Edward Simon and alto saxophonist David Binney, who have worked together on numerous projects since 1989, present their second collaborative effort, comprising eight emotion-packed, rhythmically vibrant tunes by Binney, Simon, and bassist Scott Colley.

Propelled by the extraordinarily nuanced, intuitive playing of Colley and drummer Brian Blade, the instrument-like voice of Luciana Souza, and tonal color from guitarist Adam Rogers and brassmen Shane Endsley, Jesse Newman and Alan Ferber, plus percussionist Pernell Saturnino, the co-leaders solo with rigorous compositional sensibility that only serves to highlight the deep soulfulness and virtuosic chops that make them major forces in 21st century jazz. Available here for download or you can order CDS or download at other retailers below.

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Edward Simon & David Binney

David Binney: alto sax Edward Simon: piano Scott Colley: bass Brian Blade: drums


Adam Cruz: percussion Lucia Pulido: voice Adam Rogers: guitar

Recorded April, 14 2000


David Binney: alto sax Edward Simon: piano Scott Colley: bass Brian Blade: drums

Recorded April, 14 2000

  1. Red (D. Binney) 6.12
  2. Civil War (D. Binney) 6.17
  3. Pere (E. Simon) 6.48
  4. Aguantando (E. Simon) 9.08
  5. Vidala (Ginastera) 1.10
  6. Sadness (Ginastera) 1.23
  7. Mi Querencia (Simon Diaz) 9.48
  8. Simplicity (E. Simon) 2.20
  9. Reflecting (Binney, Simon) 1.19
  10. Red Reprise (D. Binney) 2.23
  11. Remembrance (D. Binney) 5.0
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Pere - Score and Parts
  • Pere - Score and Parts
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Pere is a Latin tune in 5/4 time that is really fun to play. A great opportunity to work on the 5/4 "clave"! I recorded it on Afinidad (Red Records, 2001) and it is featured on Paquito D’Rivera’s Grammy Award winning Funk Tango (Paquito Records, 2007). Parts included: Piano, Alto Sax, Bass, Drums, Percussion (optional) and Trumpet

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Fiestas de Agosto

Edward Simon & David Binney

Edward Simon, piano David Binney, alto sax

With the possible exception of solo performance, there is no more exposed format than the duet. But while solo playing allows for more complete freedom of interpretation, the duet demands, perhaps, a greater sense of responsibility, without the safety net afforded by larger groupings. In the duet format there is no room for error; risks are taken with the knowledge that there is little to hide behind, and the expectation that one's partner simply has to be there without fail at all times.

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